Dr.Ambedkar Legal Aid Centre inaugurated at Kovai- Tamilnadu Untouchability Eradication Front (TNUEF)

At the initiative of Tamilnadu Untouchability Eradication Front(TNUEF) and with the support of All India Lawyers Union(AILU), Dr.Ambedkar Legal Aid Centre to cater to the needs of dalit people was formed and inaugurated at Coimbatore on 16.7.10. This is the first step of TNUEF which has already decided to establish such a legal aid centre in Chennai,Madurai and Coimbatore for the benefit of dalits.

The inaugural Function was presided over by State Executive Committee Member of AILU V.Sundaramoorthy.The reception address was made by C.Venmani State Committee member of TNUEF.The key note address of the function was made by G.Ramakrishnan, State Secretary of Communist Party of India(Marxist).Dr.Amedkar Legal Aid Centre will be a boon to the people of Coimbatore particularly the dalit people for fighting their cause in the legal forums. Others spoke on this occasions are

K.Samuelraj – State General Secretary of TNUEF
PR.Natarajan ,M.P – CPI(M)
U.K.Siagnanan- District Secretary of TNUEF
Kovai Ravikumar –Vice President of TNUEF
Ilamathi – Dy.Genel.Secretary of Athi Tamilar Peravai
M.Ananadan –Secretary,Kovai Bar Council
District Secretaries of CPI(M) U.K.Vellingiri(Kovai) and K.Kanagaraj(Tuticorin) have participated in the inaugural function.V.Perumal, state Secretary of TNUEF thanked the participants.

Organisations like South Zone Insurance Employees Federation(SZIEF),Bank Employees Federation of India(BEFI) Mumbai Vizhiththelu Iyakkam,Nagpur India amaithi Mayyam, and Viluppuram Ambedkar Padagasalai greeted the inaugural function.

It is pertinent to remember that the TNUEF and All India Insurance Employees Association has already started functioning Dr.Ambedkar Edubcational and Employment Coaching Centre at Kovai


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