Ban slaughter of all animals: Forum tells CM

MANGALORE: The state committee of Karnataka Dalit Sangharsha Samiti  (Ambedkar Vada) will organize public meetings and rallies across the state on September 24 to shed light on the infamous `Poona Pact’ of 1932. The Samiti has also dared B S Yeddyurappa, chief minister to go ahead and ban the slaughter of all animals across the state and not show false sense of cultural sensitivities by projecting only the cow as a sacred animal.

Mavalli Shankar, state chief convener of the Samiti, told reporters here on Thursday that Poona Pact was arrived between the Congress leaders and B R Ambedkar on September 24, 1932. The original pact aimed at empowering the dalits politically by adopting a separate voting pattern for them. However, a fast by Gandhiji in Yerawada jail against the move by then British government forced Ambedkar to enter in to a compromise.

Shankar said this compromise then forced the dalits in to perpetual `political slavery’ and the community has never come out of it since then. Leaders of various political parties treat the dalits like their “pet dogs tethered to their door posts,” he said adding that any attempts by the dalits to grow politically is frowned upon and they always have to contend themselves with smaller posts.

Terming the move by the state government to introduce the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010 as a move to consolidate the `Hindu’ votebank, Shankar dared Yeddyurappa to ban the killing of all animals. Even in Gujarat, there is a ban on killing of cow and not other heads of cattle, he said, while appreciating the step taken by the governor in referring the bill to the President for her final assent.



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