Dr BR Ambedkar image on currency notes

NGO demands Dr BR Ambedkar image on currency notes

As the country paid rich tributes to Dr BR Ambedkar on his 54th death anniversary on Monday, a little-known organisation in Mumbai has suggested that the Government considers carrying the Indian Constitution architect’s picture on currency notes.

At Chaityabhoomi, Ambedkar’s memorial, the tens of thousands of his followers, who thronged the shrine, saw large banners promoting the cause. Ironically, the demand has no been put forth by any Dalit group. Muslim volunteers of an NGO have come up with the demand.

“Ambedkar was not only the leader of the downtrodden but was also the architect of modern India. And what better way to honour his contribution than to give him an esteemed place on the Indian currency,” said Saira Patel, general secretary of Mumbaikar Asanghatith Gharelu Kamgar Union, a non-governmental organisation working with Dalits and Muslims in Andheri.

Ambedkar Currency Note imagery

Patel added that they have sent a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. “We will approach Dalit leaders for support and are considering a tie-up with mobile phone companies to initiate a public voting campaign through SMS,” she said.

She added that unlike in the West, where several leaders are featured on currency notes, in India we only have Mahatma Gandhi’s picture.

“Gandhiji is no doubt the most recognised face of the Indian freedom struggle. But we think that Dr Ambedkar also deserves to be on the Indian currency,” Patel said.

Mohammad Patel, another member of the group said, “We are not saying that Gandhi’s pictures should be taken off the notes.

However, Dr Ambedkar’s pictures can appear on at least some denominations.”

Though the demand for Dr Ambedkar’s to feature on currency notes has been made by a Muslim group, there is support aplenty from Dalit organisations.

Rajendra Gavai, national general secretary of the Republican Party of India said, “Dr Ambedkar is the architect of the country’s constitution. We will support the demand.”



31 Responses to Dr BR Ambedkar image on currency notes

  1. hemant kr mahawar says:

    very good

  2. sunil says:

    This is an utter insult on Mahatma Gandhi.These people must be hanged.




    It’s enough now as a dalit know i feel the
    babasaheb image as to be print on the currency.It should have done by govt right after the ambedkar death

  5. shalma says:

    yes.. govt ought to release the Indian currency note with image of Dr. Ambedkar…… nothing, wrong in this…… this is not insulting. the Gandi..

  6. sunil says:

    yes govt should do this , because DR BABA SAHAB AMBEDKAR is the real father of the nation.

  7. NAGSEN WAHULE says:

    Babasaheb ambedkar is the real king of india those we print the picture on currency note and salute them…….jay bhim!

  8. Prem Belambekar says:

    the decision has to be taken as soon as possible…JAI BHIM

  9. Everyone knows that Baba saheb Dr. Ambedkar was not only the “Father of the Indian Constitution” he was also one of the greatest Economists of the world. I had already Written and published an article in Punjabi & in Hindi that the “Reserve Bank of India” is the product of the brain of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar. “Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance” / “E. Hilton Young Commission” came to India, in 1924-1925 only due to book written by Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar named “The Problem of Rupee Its Origin and Its Solution.” Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar advised “E. Hilton Commission”, to set up a Central Bank and the importance & the need of the the Central Bank in India for the economic development of India, while he was discussing the matter on finance and currency with Commission. i. e. the image (photo) of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar on Indian currency is the need of India.
    Dr. Naredra Jadhav Principle Economic Adviser of R.B.I.(Retd), Member Planning Commission has also written in his book “Dr.Ambedkar`s Economic Though and Philosophy” that the R.B.I.was established only due to Dr.Ambedkar. India wants the Image of Dr. Ambedkar on
    Indian Currency.

  10. tallurivijaykumar says:

    yes,absolutly govt made deccession onto print babasaheb photos in currency notes,that time very soon. for this reason some of orthodax fear about ambedkar,its delibrated in cnn-ibn survey they ask question to viewers ‘greatest indian after gandhi’. however 2crore indians accepted him, at survey take include gandhi, deffinetly “ambedkar is the greatest indian”.

  11. rimal kantiya says:

    good for india

  12. Nandkumar.kamble says:

    Tha gretest indian b.r.ambedkar

  13. pawan says:

    Dr.B.R Ambedkar Should be there…He is the Greatest Indian Since Mahatma Gandhi….

  14. Swapnil says:

    Kiti shobhala asta Bhim notawar kadya kottawar…..kayda Bhimacha,Jai Bhim.

  15. jitender kumar says:

    yes, i agree and support this campaign. baba saheb was a great economist who had written much on indian economy and currency but ganghi had nothing for indian economy. dr. baba saheb had won the title of the greatest indian by a competetion, while mr. gandhi was declared great without any election. thats mean baba saheb is really the greatest indian and father of indian constitution, architect of modern india while mr. gandhi has been declared a fraud father of nation. so dr. ambedkar’s image should be on indian currency by all the way.

  16. Monika Dayal says:

    agr aap na hote to hum bhi kahi naa hote ..hmari cast k sath jo kuch bhi ho rha tha wo sb apne hi khtm kiya ..hme barabari ka hak apne hi dilwaya..hme sb kuch pta h jb dusri cast k log hme padne bhi nii dete the or nadi se paani tak nii pine dete the jbki us nadi se animals pani pee skte the lekin hm nii..apne samanta ka adhikar dilakr jo pahchan jo ijjat dilai h uska dhanyavad to hm kbhi ni kr skte bas yahi kr skte h ki apne jo bhi raste dikhaye hai unpr chle..jai bheem..

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  20. mere kehne se pehle bhut kuch logo ne kha hai yadi aaj dr.B R A na hote to hum bhi na hote or shayed aaj hum jo net use ker rhe hai wo bhi hum jaante tak nhi

    bhim rao ambedkar humare bhgwaan hai 1 baar nhi 1000 baa

  21. Mere desh wasio ham sab jante hai ki baba sahab ambedker ji ne jo ko chalane ki sahi dish di hai.
    eske thik viprit ghandhi our congress ki nitiayan rahi hai

    I want to about one think of the If the gandhi was great men do not shoot by Nathoo ram godsay.

  22. Inder Singh says:

    I am personally affirmed and desire that Baba Saheb Dr Ambedkar photo must appear on each Indian currency note. He was not only the leader of Dalits but of the whole nation and the world. He has been a most intellectual personality of the globe of all times. Printing his photo on Indian currency would certainly boost the image and pride of the nation. Actually the role and contribution of MK Gandhi has been a controversial among people of the country and the world. He has been made a forced and artificially induced person in modern India.
    There are personalities many times better than him like Honourable Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, ShrI Munda, Sant shree Jyoti Rao Phule. Gautam Buddha, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, like.
    Now my question is that whether voting method is required?
    Secondly when MK Gandhi’ photo got started printed on Indian currency notes, was the decision taken based on voting method?
    It’s really a mockery. So can the policy makers and the government can stop doing this sort of mockery to the people of the country?
    Can policy makers on one day exercise impartiality and fairness?
    Should the photos printing on Indian currency be equated and dealt like a winner of TV shows like Nach Baliye, IGT, Big Boss, and so on?
    Not at all expected from RBI. Please stop making the making own and people’ mockery

    So please stop this exercise method and take a constitutional decision – based on logic and rationality.

  23. MR Hanumanthu madiga says:

    Dr BR Ambedkar photo Paste the indian currancy note 100% cutrect because he is rite person first indian finance minidyer indion democrusy writet importent indian leader

  24. milind says:

    Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar is the real king of india 1000 Currency
    One Thousand Rs note and salute them…….jay bhim..! aata Shubhato Bhim Maza 1000 Chya Notavar Taay aani Kotavar

    • Devdan says:

      विश्वभुषण घटनापती भारतरत्न डॉक्टर भिमराव तथा बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर हे संपूर्ण भारताचे शिल्पकार आहेत
      देशातील प्रत्येक माणुस आज त्यांच्या उपकाराने जगतोय , देशातील चलनाचा अभ्यास केला ; चलनी नोटावर त्यांचा फोटो नाही? त्यांच्यामुळे देश चालतोय तर त्यांची स्वतःचा फोटो प्रत्येक नोटावर आसायलाच पाहिजे !
      जय भिम जय भारत

  25. Abhishek says:

    Jai bhim

  26. Abhishek says:

    Mujhe apane aap pe garva h ki mai aapki cast me janm liya hu

  27. Amar kumar says:

    Dr BR Ambedkar ki jay _ me bhagwan se ye prathna karna chahata hoo ki bharat mata ki dharti par ek bar phir se janm le jis se india ko world me number 1 bane

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