‘I hate Ambedkar’ page on Facebook triggers protests

Derogatory remarks about B R Ambedkar on the social networking site provoke a gathering of nearly 500 to resort to stone pelting and tyre-burning at Bandra, Khar and Andheri

Chaos erupted on the roads and bylanes of Bandra and Khar late last night after someone created a page termed ‘I Hate Ambedkar’ on Facebook.

The site allegedly also contained some derogatory comments about Ambedkar and as the news spread, a huge crowd of around 500 people gathered at Pali Naka in Bandra and on Carter Road shouting slogans and pelting stones on passing cars and buses.

Another massive crowd gathered at the Khar police station to protest and demand police action.

The protest did not stop there and people continued their rampage and set car tyres on fire at Khar and then joined other protesters forming a huge mob on Andheri Link Road.

The police finally decided to call in SRPF platoons and the situation was brought under control.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyj4yzPf7PY




4 Responses to ‘I hate Ambedkar’ page on Facebook triggers protests

  1. H.L.Harsha says:

    The situation of dalits is very worst exploitation more popularly celebrated even in urban areas what will be the situation of depressed in village.

  2. Abhilash.M says:

    Dalits are in very bad condition there is no even houses for many dalits no clean water no one allow them to houses even today.

  3. I consider Ambedkar as god of dalits and OBCs. These brahmins never learn they always treat us as slaves destroy brahminism and hinduism. Unless we destroy this brahmins we indiginious people of this land cannot survive and our nation will not develop. My dalit brother and sisters just remember what periyaar told ” if you see a snake and brahmins infront of you kill the brahmins first. We Dravidians origins of this land just like to say few words to brahmins just live hating Dr.B.R.Ambedkar or you invaders quit India if you cant quit India keep silent the facilities given to you is much more be happy with what you have got you should be thankfull to dravidians because we gave you a land to live water to drink rice to eat and wind to breath be though you killed us though you burnt our house though you gave all the torchers to us though you used our females though you cheated us from education though you are invaders though you brahmins are much danger than britishers we are still keeping you with us be happy with this and happy with us dont make any conterversy bye.

    • mani says:

      hi Black Emperior,
      your leader periyaar what told about dailts now I told.He told that,now all cost of dress increased because dailt bought good dress. even brahmins cannot behave like that. I think u are chirstian missionary propagating flase agenda about brahmins. Even supremacy is in Dalits also . Daits are not single community. they are group of communities in which discrimination exits even within communities.

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