BSP Bahujan Samaj Party @ Kerala Assembly Elections 2011

BSP Party in Kerala has announced that they will be contesting in the 2011 Niyamasabha elections in all the 140 Constituencies.

They are demanding that there should be a change in rule in Kerala which has seen lot of corruptions byCongress and LDF.

BJP Bharatiya Janata Party is also participating in the 2011 Legislative Assembly elections with the belief that they will be getting seats in Kerala this time.

The full form of BSP is Bahujan Samaj Party.

The names of BSP candidates who will participating in the Kerala Niyamasabhaelection will be announced on 18 March 2011.

The condition at present in Kerala is that both LDF and UDF are the two sides of the same coin.

BSP is also against the BJP and is in the belief that people of Kerala will act strongly against the violence and criminal activities.

National President of Bahujan Samaj Party is Mayawati.

Bahujan Samaj Party is based on socialist ideas and was formed in 1984 by Kanshi Ram for the Hindu SC – ST, Backward classes, Minority class Muslims, Christians and others.

Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation is the main proclamation in their manifesto.

They recently made a Padha Yatra (State Rally) for gathering support from people of Kerala.

This hub has been started to update the detailed list of the names of all BSP Candidates who will stand in various constituencies in the 2011 Assembly Elections of Kerala.

The decision by Bahujan Samaj Party to compete in 140 Assembly seats in Kerala is a bold one.

Parties like BJP and BSP have not been much successful in Kerala till now.

What will be in the minds of Kerala voters. Will they select Congress or Communist party once more as a continuation of history.

Will a new political party that recosgnises the needs of ordinary people come into rule.

Is there are any chance for Bahujan Samaj Party to come into power in Kerala.


3 Responses to BSP Bahujan Samaj Party @ Kerala Assembly Elections 2011

  1. venkatesh manjunatha says:

    I am a BSP activist in karnataka.I am glad to know that BSP is contesting all 114 seats in forthcoming elections to kerala assembly.let us hope ,people of kerala ,this time ,will stay away from the beaten path and explore new and better possibilities like BSP. Apart from this, I request the concerned to be little careful in the use of english language while up loading news on the website and avoid some common mistakes.

  2. Dr.ennaiah.ummadi. says:

    hope bsp will make a start an alternate for future polity of downtrodden .with best wishes jai bhim

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