Maya asks: UPA, civil society couldn’t find one qualified Dalit?

Express news serviceTags : Joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill,Mayawati, Dalit communityPosted: Sat Apr 23 2011, 02:16 hrsLucknow:

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Asking the joint committee to draft the Lokpal Bill to distance itself from members whose integrity is being questioned, UP Chief Minister Mayawati today called for the reconstitution of the panel to provide representation to a member from the Dalit community.

 In her first comments on the controversy, Mayawati did not name anybody but said: “The committee constituted for drafting the… Bill must seriously consider if there are question marks raised over the integrity of any member or members and they should immediately distance themselves from such members”.

 She accused the UPA government and civil society of ignoring Dalits. “Not even one member in the 10-member joint drafting committee… is from the Dalit community. It’s intriguing that the UPA government and civil society could not find even one competent person among the Dalits who is well versed with the Constitution after 63 years of Independence,” she said.

Mayawati said: “The nomination of a Dalit member in the committee will not only rectify the mistake committed by the UPA and the civil society, it will also remove the apprehension and misgivings among the Dalits”.

 “My party and the government wants to suggest to the UPA and the civil society that the joint drafting committee be reconstituted for giving representation to a competent person from the Dalit community. The Dalit chosen for the committee should be a non-political person”, said Mayawati.

 Training her guns at Anna Hazare, the UP chief minister said, “Anna has forgotten that Dr B R Ambedkar was born in his native state Maharashtra which has also witnessed several movements for social change. Anna should have considered these facts while selecting members for the joint committee”.

Mayawati also targeted the Congress, saying, “this party pretends a lot for the welfare of Dalits but when it comes to honour and dignity of the Dalits, the Congress has always ditched them”.

 However, the BSP leader supported Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption. “My party welcomes the campaign of Anna Hazare against corruption. My party has been fighting corruption and criminalisation of politics since inception. Had the previous government taken corrective measures for curbing corruption , the BSP would not have been constituted at all”.

 Mayawati claimed that her government has inherited corruption and criminalisation of politics in UP, which had struck deep roots in the state.” We are trying to cleanse the polity in UP, but it will take some time since the problem has become chronic”, she added.

 In an apparent reference to the recent murder of two chief medical officers BP Singh and Vinod Arya, the Chief Minister said, “Some government employees have lost their lives, we are trying to arrest the culprits. Come what may, there will be no let up in our campaign against corruption”.


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