Splitting UP not a bad idea


4 Responses to Splitting UP not a bad idea

  1. mgayatri says:

    If splitting UP would mean better administration and effective management and more public interest policies then it is worthwhile decentralising authority but effectively coordinating all activities and monitoring the growth and development of the entire state from a larger center, bringing about a synthesis in ideologies, then it is certainly attempting a new foremula where perhaps quality would be measured more than the quality.

  2. Mayawati and BSP may have a long innings if the agenda of politics turns in her favour and real good administration takes place.Reporters have given us mixed reactions on corruption, authority and governance, only time can tell whether Mayawati would be able really streamline all the administration in public interest. While we get to only read, from outside, and we are not residing or function within the UP belt, only based on secondhand information it would be unwise to comment or criticise largely but surely as a study of interest that gives hindsight and deeper insight, there is more than what the eye can see, the splitting may be needed for an able, effectively handled governance.Let us hope the public is gaining in infrastructure, in facilities, in opportunities and in enterprise with Education.

  3. venkatesh manjunatha says:

    keeping the fifth largest populous nation in the world(YES ,THAT IS WHAT UTTAR PRADESH IS IN TERMS OF POPULATION) as one state in INDIA is not only unwise but also detrimental to the development of UP nation err..state.congress after its forty years of rule failed to realise it or it wanted to keep the huge mass of people in perineal poverty because of its statuscoist mindset with an eye on 80 LOKSABHA seats.All the human development indicators storngly favour small states for better administration.Behen Mayavathi has realised this in real quick time and proposed division of state as for back in 2007 in a letter to PM,which now has been given the stamp of approval by the UP ASSEMBLY.Mayavathi move deserves appriciation because in this move she has shown the world ,she is ready to sacrifice her hold over a big state with 80 Loksabha seats and go in for smalller states for the good of people.Her opponents term it as an election gimmick forgetting she is leading the third largest national party in the country in the crucial 2012 UP election .This may be one of the many weapons she may have in her armoury to defeat power hungry cong,rightist fundamental BJP,feudal SP and opprtunistic chaemeolon AJITS RLD. MOVE ON MAYAVATHIJI VICTORY IS OURS.

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