Corrupt, fraud Kiran Bedi: let Ms Bedi go to jail


Ms Bedi, how dare you?

By Kancha Ilaiah

Team Anna has been arrogant and self-righteous ever since it launched the Jan Lokpal movement. Its Jantar Mantar hungerstrike yielded quick results, as the Congress government itself gave the team a boost by constituting a committee to draft a bill and by including five members from the team in it. Among them was former cop Kiran Bedi, who behaved as if she were an angel and all others in the country either corrupt or of no consequence. But now this angel has been caught for fraud and cheating organisers that invited her to speak at their functions.

Ms Bedi has claimed that she did it all for public good, as the money earned by submitting wrong invoices was used for her NGO. Ms Bedi wants us to believe that all the money she made by lying was spent on the wellbeing of poor children. This is ridiculous, to say the least. Look at the kind of money she earned through cheating. According to a newspaper’s estimate, Ms Bedi, in 12 air trips, claimed Rs 3,89,062 whereas the amount she spent on these trips was Rs 1,18,277, thus pocketing Rs 2,70,785. Ms Bedi, as a recipient of the President’s Gallantry Award, gets a 75 per cent discount on air tickets, which she happily availed but didn’t disclose.

This is a major crime. The purpose for which that fraudulently earned money is used is not the issue. The issue here involves cheating a trusted organisation which is paying you without even asking for your boarding pass. I also travel and give lectures, as Ms Bedi does. Most organisations treat us “speakers” so well that there would be an immense sense of shame to cheat them.

If Ms Bedi were honest and morally upright, she would have asked for a donation from the organisation for the poor children she is so keen on helping. If Ms Bedi were honest and morally upright, she would not have cheated the organisation by serving an invoice for money she never spent. A chain of lies becomes part of such travel racketeering. The bigger the profile of such persons, the easier it is for them to earn huge amounts of money this way.

This “earning” is not accounted for; one does not have to pay taxes on this. Should such a practice be treated as corruption? I think it is corruption of the worst kind because this fraud is pulled off on the basis of one’s reputation and the trust of an organisation that considers you valuable enough to invite you to talk to them.

First is the moral corruption. Ms Bedi, and others like her, travel like royalty, without having to carry their own baggage or boarding pass. Nor do they take the ticket receipts that the airline generates. All the more easy to generate a fraudulent invoice of a fraudulent travel agency. This act involves a series of lies that need to be transacted between individuals and institutions.

Second, this method of making huge amounts of money deceives institutions that also have a public purpose. So while Ms Bedi may be on the dias of, say, an educational institution, talking passionately about public figures and their corrupt ways, hectoring students and teachers to act against corruption, she herself has no qualms about cheating them.

This angel of morality was just yesterday waving the Indian flag as a leader of the anti-corruption bureau that Anna Hazare established while sitting in a Yadav Baba temple in Ralegaon Siddhi, which works only according to the principles of varnadharma. We all know that in several TV debates this angel of morality and merit used to abuse the reservation system as a legal mechanism that produces a “merit-less” class of people who join government institutions only to make money through corruption. Arvind Kejriwal tells the nation — after Swami Agnivesh exposed him — that he put about `2.9 crore which was given in the form of donations to Mr Hazare’s movement in the account of India Against Corruption, his own NGO.

Ms Bedi runs an NGO with money that is fraudulently collected from public and private institutions and Mr Kejriwal runs an NGO that pockets money given to Mr Hazare. Let them remove Mr Hazare from their team and ask for donations. Then we’ll see how much money they will collect. How come the shining stars of public and personal probity did not open an account in the name of Team Anna itself? Why did they not form an organisation with Mr Hazare as its chairman, without whose signature money could not be withdrawn? Who is operating that money now?

We now understand why they were struggling to keep NGOs out of Lokpal. They wanted a Lokpal that would monitor peons, clerks and small section officers in the government sector, perhaps with a view that more than 50 per cent of small job holders come from reservation background. Would they now introduce a clause in Jan Lokpal Bill where a corrupt peon should be respected for taking bribe as long as it is for a worthy cause?

By Team Anna’s own demands and insistence on stringent action against corruption, should not an example be set by sending Ms Bedi to jail for cheating organisations in this manner? Why is Mr Hazare allowing her to continue after several organisations issued public statements that she cheated them? If Ms Bedi can wash off her guilt and sins by returning the money ( Rs 16,346 only), why don’t we extend that same courtesy to A. Raja, K. Kanimozhi and Suresh Kalmadi? If we accept this principle, why not give them a chance to return all the money they earned through kickbacks and return to being powerful and respectable again?

Team Anna can’t invert the moral discourse when it pleases them. Ms Bedi’s plea of innocence fools no one. If they want to regain credibility, let Ms Bedi go to jail now.



The writer is director, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad

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9 Responses to Corrupt, fraud Kiran Bedi: let Ms Bedi go to jail

  1. There is no doubt about what Ms Kiranbedi trying to argue is ethic less. Every one would admit by that behavior of Ms Bedi, she need to basically analyse the norms of corruption and perhaps, being a cop she might think a common practice is not corruption like their collections during their entire service. The question is Sri Kancha Ilaiah, was an enthusiast to introduce bahujan lokpal bill as an addition/ part of the forth coming LOKPAL and if I have not mistaken, he moved such initiation along with Mr.Udit raj and others, as I was told. How come he was keen to add a proposal to the proposed JAN LOKPAL raised by team ANNA assisted by personalities who are unable to distinct basically what is corruption???

    On the other hand it should have been the right move to condemn the way the JAN LOKPAL was taking shape, as every one knew the move is against reserved citizen sector.

    Finally a word of sympathy towards public servants and service personnel. I found most of them practice billing as a contractor for their TA and DAs. Transparency is a remote possibility and these servants just learn what is the possible cost index for each item and their eligibility. They never bother whether they spend it or not, under lying ethic and lye for a gain.

    • Sunil says:

      Look Sir Anna introduce the Jan LokPal Bill as a solution for Corrupted society..Incase Ilaiah have any doubht or any objection he would have start its Bahu Jan Lokpal Bill or Coverted Cummunity Lokpal Bill whatever he wants to start but
      What blunder he done by raising the Reservation in Lokpal Bill he Stop the movement of Lokpal Bill. So its states Ilaiah is not a SIR, dont call him as SIR for a god sake. He is a person who can only talk infront of Media about community He cannot initiate any good System. let him start the good movment in india which is free from communal voices.

  2. Deepak says:

    If I as an employee of the software company I work for had done the same ‘fraud’, I would have been thrown out of my company and possibly a civil against me.

    • Sunil says:

      Deepak wake up Soniya is pouring our funds in International banks government close the eyes and a women like Kiran sinceire though out her life and stuck up in small issue you say that she is fraud. Go and see what she done in Tihar Jail. and who is Ilalallalah is a stupid convereted idiot talk always about community….and hate Hindu caste since he already converted in Christianity

  3. lalchetna says:

    at least she is doing something for the poor kids!!!
    n if a good lokpal comes she wud go to jail!!
    but bring a good lokpal free from pressure….
    why r politicians fearing that??
    for reservation.. dear friend.. why is it that reservation is only discussed during election… 9% reservation for muslims in the OBC qouta could have been done 4 years back…
    why now?? what angers us is people get trapped that politicians care for them!! and divide n rule!!!

  4. John Gray says:

    Doing good things for the children is great work and the lokpall bill comes it will be great.
    Indian Anti Corruption Act

  5. srikaanth akshay says:

    Jan lokpal bill, is temporary solution for stopping corruption in india, our difficulty not about the india against to corruption, our difficulty is how to make the indian financial&judicial system that unable corrupt, where there is no scope for doing corruption, jan lokpal is like medicine that administrating against to disease like HIV, preventing it from becoming AIDS. But ilaiah’s intention is prevent corruption. Bcoz prevention is better than curing, so choose a system where no scope for corruption, i must ask you all of us to realize. Save india! Jai bheem!

  6. Prashant Atri says:

    Mr. Ilaiah should realize that Anna Hazare’s active participation and initiation of the movement for introducing the Jan Lokpal Bill was very much backed,powered and supported by the very NGO of Mr. Kejriwal. So, the money he’s talking about being laundered by Kejriwal is overall in the safe hands. And as far as Bahujan Lokpal bill is considered,isn’t the JAN LOKPAL BILL all about liberating India from the corrupted roots but not just any particular sect or caste, and Bahujan’s along with all the other castes belong to “INDIA” ! (I don’t believe in Caste system or anything related to caste,and even though I belong to OBC, I don’t gave a damn !).
    So, I’d suggest to Mr. Ilaiah and all those who think alike him, if you can’t help INDIA grow then please don’t call yourselves INDIAN, just call yourselves as “BAHUJAN”, who belong to country unknown !

  7. secret info says:

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    Corrupt, fraud Kiran Bedi: let Ms Bedi go to jail | HISTHINK!

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