Manuwad and History

The history of this land is the history of the Mulnivasi (Present-day SC, ST, OBCs & Converted Minorities) of India. They marched along with history & built up the same. As the original rulers of this country, we had a history to be proud of. Unfortunately, we are not fully aware of our past history due to the age-long suppression and oppression imposed on us by the Aryan Manuwadi oppressors. They destroyed our history & fabricated a new history of their own to prolong their oppressive rule through a process of mind manipulation and brain-washing. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had rightly observed: “If you want to destroy a society, destroy its history & the society will get destroyed automatically”. This is what exactly happened to us. Hence we have to reconstruct our history posing a severe challenge to the Manuvadi robbers who looted the treasury of our golden history. We have to regain our history, the history of the people, by the people and for the people for the welfare of all.

~Myth Vs Reality~

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