Mr Keemat Rai Gupta, you look like a joker climbing up your daddy’s ladder.


Mr Keemat Rai Gupta and his son Mr Anil Gupta, the owners of Havells.
Keemat Rai inherited Daddy’s business.
Now Anil Gupta inherited his daddy’s business.
The Board of Directors at Havells has been filled with their blood relatives too. Brother in law Mr Surjeet Gupta and nephew Amit are both part of it. The next generation is in queue awaiting their dues.

Guptas have built their “merit” with this inheritance generation after generation and is today reaping huge socioeconomic benefits of such nepotism. Such are the torchbearers of “winds of change” in corporate India.

What does one do with the preachings of those whose sole merit is their birth?

Mr Gupta, you look like a joker climbing up your daddy’s ladder.

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