OU students observe ‘Narakasura Vardhanti’


Osmania University, the nerve centre for Telangana movement, has also become a centre for crazy or perhaps dangerous thoughts these days. In a bid to show their utter contempt for the ruling party or the ruling classes, a section of OU students have started denouncing the Hindu festivals and worshipping demons. This trend was never before in the university and it started only this year. During the Dasara festival, these OU students boycotted the Bathukamma festival as well as Vijayadasami; and instead mourned the killing of Mahishasura. They put up a big portrait of Mahisasura in the Arts College premises and worshipped him, saying he was killed by the so-called upper class Durga only because he was a Dalit.

Now on the eve of Diwali, the OU students observed “Narakasura Vardhanti,” the death anniversary of demon Narakasura, who was supposedly killed by Lord Krishna and Satyabhama. They made a similar allegation saying Narakasura was a Dalit and hence, the Brahminical character Krishna killed him to suppress the revolt by Dalits against upper castes. They said in a bid to cover up the killing, the Brahmin sections portrayed him as “Asura.” So, the students called him as “Naraka Shura” rather than Narakaasura.

Well, if Telangana state is given, the entire mythological characters may undergo a change: gods will become demons and demons will become gods!