Dalit sisters make it to judicial services in male-dominated Haryana


Dalit sisters make it to Haryana judicial services
Meenu and Yachana Sarswal with their father after being selected into judicial services.
YAMUNANAGAR: Haryana is celebrating the success of Dalit sisters, Meenu and Yachana, who were recently appointed judicial officers.

The girls from Musimbal, a village in Yamunanagar district, are an inspiration for thousands to dream big in a state infamous for its skewed sex ratio.

The girls have a sister, Rajni, who has an MBA and is a bank officer. Their father, Raghuvir Ram, is proud of his daughters and says he never felt the lack of a son. He was always happy raising his daughters. Raghuvir works for a nationalized bank in Chandigarh. His wife had a government job.

”In a society where sons and daughters are seldom treated as equals, we never let them feel they were at a disadvantage. Parents must be proud of their daughters and help them flourish,” Raghuvir says.

Likewise, the girls are proud of their parents, who always motivated and helped them to move ahead and achieve their targets. ”They always supported and motivated us, so that we could be successful and do something better for society,” said Meenu, a law post-graduate from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Her sister Yachana, who also has an LLM from the same university, is keen to do something special to save the girl child.

”With the spread of education we can eradicate all evils from society. The female sex ratio can be improved only by educating women,” said Yachana, who made it to the judicial service in her first attempt.

Read more: Dalit sisters make it to judicial services in male-dominated Haryana – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Dalit-sisters-make-it-to-judicial-services-in-male-dominated-Haryana/articleshow/7154041.cms#ixzz1941GMdLm



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